«Hans Erni possessed the gift to capture the essence in a dash […]. One has compared its stroke with Picasso and Matisse« (Matthias Frehner in the NZZ of March 23, 2015).

«He created an art that can be understood by people not understanding anything about art« (Hans-Jörg Heusser 1983).«

Hans Erni: Extract from "Einsame im Plisseekleid". Tempera on paper (41.5 x 20.5 cm). 1993. From private collection (Switzerland).
Hans Erni: Extract from “Einsame im Plisseekleid”. Tempera on paper (41.5 x 20.5 cm). 1993. From private collection (Switzerland).

On this website, private collectors of works by the Swiss artist Hans Erni publish high quality photographs of their unique originals.

By doing this, they have no financial interests in mind, they just want to give public access to their private collection in order to spread the beauty of Hans Erni’s art.
This is also the aim of the present website, and that’s why this website is called „open collection“. It’s free – it’s just about sharing the fascination of Hans Erni’s art.

Users are explicitely allowed to copy or download and re-use the hereby published photographs by just indicating the following source: “The Open Hans Erni Collection / © Hans Erni”.

You can access more pictures through the menu on the top right.

Do you want to know more about this open collection? Or do you own original works by Hans Erni and would you like to make them accessible to a broader audience? Here you can find more information.

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    1. Hi Peter, thanks for your question! Direct contact with collectors is not yet implemented. Please tell us – via the contact form – which work you are interested in and we will ask the collector if he wants to contact you or if he prefers to remain anonymous.

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