About this open collection

Frank Rutschmann, Gründer der Open Hans Erni Collection.Thank you for your interest in the Open Hans Erni Collection!

On this website, private collectors of works by the Swiss artist Hans Erni publish high quality photographs of their unique originals and lithographs.

By doing this, they have no financial interests in mind, they just want to give public access to their private collection in order to spread the beauty of Hans Erni’s art. This is also the aim of the present website, and that’s why this website is called „open collection“. It’s free and run by an nonprofit office in Switzerland – it’s just about sharing the fascination of Hans Erni’s art.

Users are allowed to copy or download the hereby published photographs for non-commercial use by  indicating the source as follows: “The Open Hans Erni Collection / © Hans Erni”.

Who’s behind this website?
This website is maintained by Frank Rutschmann from Burgdorf (Switzerland). My background is only the enthousiasm for Hans Erni’s art. It find it fascinating to discover new originals which have not been known or rarely seen in public so far. I earn my money with another profession and I run this website in my leisure time.

Do you own original masterpieces by Hans Erni? Would you like to make them accessible to a broader audience? Here you can find more information.

For any further information please use the contact form below or write me a letter to:

The Open Hans Erni Collection
Frank Rutschmann
Pestalozzistrasse 19
CH-3400 Burgdorf

Do you have any questions? Please use this form to contact us – we will reply as soon as possible!